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Rainbow Bridge - dogs that I have previously owned
Chris Marklin Woodsman 2nd August 1984 - 28th March 1999 I obtained Chris in June 1985 when he was 10 months old as a Companion for Toby
Toby - GlenToby Harvest Gold 7th April 1984 - 29th March 1998 I obtained Toby when he was 8 weeks old and he was my first Sheltie. He was a lovely dog but he didn't know when to stop growing! When fully grown he was a very large Sheltie.
Jac - Rainelor Moonrise2nd May 1997 - 19th September 2001 Jac joined my Sheltie family in early of February 1999 and was 22 months old when I had him. He was a very friendly dog, a real extrovert who loved to play with other dogs when out and liked meeting people.One of Jac's favourite pastimes when out walking was chasing any Pigeons, etc. that happen to fly over! he was accepted as a PAT dog in early November 1999 and made regular visits to a local Day Centre where he was very popular up until a week before his death. Jac sadly had to be put to sleep during surgery on 19th September 2001 due a large inoperable abdominal tumour at the young age of 4.
Jessica - Rainelor Ray of Sunshine at Scolebrook2nd May 1997 - 13th December 2007 Jessica joined my Sheltie family at the end of March 1998 when she was just over 10 months old. She is a very loveable and obedient dog, like most Shelties she could be a bit vocal at times! and liked barking at, and chasing any birds larger than a pigeon.She was also the "Boss" and kept the others firmly in their place! although she was a little bit more reserved with other dogs and people until she got to know them.She had 2 litters of puppies the first born on Thursday  3rd August 2000 The 2nd born 4th May 2002. Jessica sadly joined her brother Jac over the Rainbow Bridge on the 13th December 2007.
Katie - Scolebrook Safferina 3rd August 2000 - 24th February 2016 Katie was born into my Sheltie family on 3rd August 2000 and her mother was also Jessica. She led a long and healthy life until she became ill in February 2016 and was subsequently diagnosed with a cancerous abdominal tumour and sadly had to be allowed to cross the Rainbow Bridge on 24th February 2016 to join her mother, Jessica and her uncle, Jac.
Rowan - Scolebrook Spirit of May 3rd May 2002 - 14th January 2017 Rowan was my special boy who sadly had to be allowed to cross the Rainbow Bridge suddenly in January 2017 due to Renal failure.
Nina: - Rainelor Razzle Dazzle 28th September 2004 - 26th March 2018.  Nina joined my Sheltie family on the 18th December 2004 and sadly crossed the Rainbow Bridge on 26th March 2018
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